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  • August 14, 2018

    Post Meeting Roundup August 10th

    BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING Roundup Report Monday August 10, 2018  2nd Floor Party Room Important: The Post Meeting Roundup is neither the official minutes of a Board Meeting, nor is it intended to replace actual minutes. It is simply a review of business that took place at a meeting, as observed by Management. Actual minutes for […]

  • August 13, 2018

    Water Shut Down Floors 3 to 29

    UPDATED – Monday August 13th The hot water WAS NOT shut off as planned today to do repairs to a hot water storage tank. As our team was preparing to do the work, unknown conditions were revealed. There is good news and bad news. The good news is, we believe there is less of a rush […]

  • August 10, 2018

    Board Meeting Monday August 13th

    BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING Management Report Monday August 13, 2018  2nd Floor Party Room 7:30PM – Audit Review Meeting with Ralph Picker of Picker and Associates. The Board will meet with the Association’s auditor for a review and opportunity to ask questions about their audit of the Association’s financial statements for the 2017/2018 Fiscal Year. […]

  • August 4, 2018

    Life Safety Town Hall Meeting Mon. August 27th 7pm

    TOWN HALL MEETING Life Safety and Emergency Response AND Updated Emergency Contact Information Monday August 27th at 7PM in the Party Room There is no perfect way to respond when an emergency strikes. What we see around us from moment to moment and basic human instincts and behavior will always somewhat govern how we act. […]

  • August 3, 2018

    DK Pay Portal Improvements

    OWNERS – Thanks to feedback from Property Managers and Unit Owners, Draper and Kramer announced some changes to the online pay portal. Specifically, Owner View Enhancements We are pleased to announce some requested changes have been made. The new Owner Pay Portal was recently updated based on the comments submitted by Owners and DK Managers. […]